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Teacher Training

What is a Mindfulness Teacher?

Mindfulness Teachers are persons who share a trained expertise in the magic of mindfulness and help others to become more self aware as well as to develop a greater compassion for themselves and the world.  Those practitioners who want to start an exciting career as professional teachers of mindfulness may apply for our training program.  Graduates are certified to teach the 4Directions mindfulness method and provide professional coaching and counseling.

We have been offering our enriching educational program for the last 15 years. Classes are taught to students via our web-based classes. Each course is taught by one of our highly trained instructors, assuring a deep and lifelong learning experience. These are complemented by special yearly retreats for trainees.

A Special Calling

Those trained to be mindfulness teachers in the Four Directions System of Mindfulness™ become part of a unique order of individuals trained to deal with all kinds of human problems. They are a special group of people who vow to ease suffering and provide coaching, counsel and support to those in need. They contribute to making this world a more enlightened place for everyone.

If you believe you are called to serve others as a Mindfulness Teacher, please contact us today. 

Please email us at or inquire via regular mail:

The Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness

Attn: Registrar

6496 Jonestown Road

Harrisburg, PA 17112

Admission Requirements: Emphasis for admission is placed on a candidate’s character, emotional maturity and commitment to service.

* Therapist Specialization (requires counseling license)

* Executive Coaching/Corporate Mindfulness (requires extensive business

* Mindfulness Based Pastoral Counseling (requires ordination)