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Learn to Live Mindfully


 “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

  William James


Dr. Anthony Stultz


 The Four Directions System of Mindfulness ™

The Four Directions System of Mindfulness ™ is a street tested, scientifically confirmed and skillful method of service that helps to reduce stress, solve relationship difficulties and improve communication and your overall outlook on life. After a few short sessions you will:

*Understand the 5 stages of mental conditioning and why this conditioning limits your experience of positive emotions like happiness and compassion.

*Understand how mindfulness can increase self awareness and reduce harmful reactions in thoughts, feelings and actions.

*Understand how mindfulness dramatically improves self esteem and confidence in your relationships both at work and at home.

*Learn practical daily applications to increase concentration.

*Learn to live out of your True Self and create the life that you have always wanted.

The first step is to begin private study with  Dr. Stultz or one of our certified teachers to develop a personal practice designed especially for you. Each session builds knowledge and skillfulness in applying the practical principles of the Four Directions System of Mindfulness™. This system serves you in achieving your personal and professional objectives in life. Every student will accomplish specific goals, acquire new tools to cope with future distress, and experience a greater freedom and abundance of living through the reduction of suffering and a greater harmony with oneself and others.

* Individual Mindfulness Session/Coaching/Counseling is available at our offices, onsite, online or by telephone. Regular sessions last 50 minutes.

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* Free Your Mind: The Four Directions System of Mindfulness

In this award winning book, Sensei Tony outlines all of the models and practices in the 4Directions Method of Mindfulness. Each chapter includes a summary and real life application examples.